Thumb Fighter Unblocked
Thumb Fighter Unblocked
Thumb Fighter Unblocked
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Thumb Fighter Unblocked


Released:- 20/09/2023

Developer:- Avix Games

Technology:- Html

Category:- Action

Platforms:- Desktop and Mobile

Get ready to engage in some epic thumb wrestling battles with Thumb Fighter Unblocked! This hilarious and addictive game will have you and your friends thumb-wrestling your way to victory in no time. Thumb Fighter Unblocked is a simple yet incredibly entertaining game that you can play solo or challenge your friends in a 2-player mode. The rules are straightforward: you use your thumb to wrestle with your opponent's thumb. The first one to pin down the opponent's thumb wins the round!


  • Hilarious Thumb Wrestling
  • Solo and Multiplayer Modes
  • Simple Controls
  • Unique Thumb Characters


  • Desktop
  • Mobile


  • Player 1:- A
  • Player 2:- L

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